Reflection Essay

For project one, my case study was LJ Frezza’s video, titled Nothing, which involved every shot of ‘nothing’ (buildings, empty rooms etc.) from the television series, Seinfeld, being compiled into one 6 minute supercut. In its editing of entirely archival footage, the experimental video gave an interesting commentary on the 90s TV show, as well … [Read more…]

Project Four Report

Final Probe: Our group plans to explore how review-parody works as a genre through parodying the kind of content you might find on online video review channels (on platforms such as YouTube) as well as on online sketch-comedy channels, since this is the broader genre our hybrid form will be drawing from (our new genre … [Read more…]

Sketch – Make up tutorial

With make-up tutorials being a rising and popular example of online video, we thought this genre would be a fun and relevant example to parody for project three. For this sketch, we parodied the genre by subverting expectations of the original format. In a typical make-up tutorial, each step usually includes or is followed by a … [Read more…]

Sketch – Jesus

For this sketch we decided to parody the character of jesus. We had the idea of creating a parody of a trailer, as trailers are a common form of online video, as are trailer parodies or ‘fake trailers’, so we already had an existing form of online video to work from. Rather than make the … [Read more…]

Sketch – Flip book

This sketch takes a line from the bible and recontextualises it for comedy’s sake. We took the line from a section of the bible in which Jesus says to a group of men preparing to stone a woman who has committed a crime “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”, implying that … [Read more…]

Sketch – Horror split-up

n this sketch we focussed on parodying a cliche of the horror genre, where a key plot point in the cause and effect structure revolves around the main characters splitting up early on in the narrative. We wanted to emphasise this as being cliche and often crucial to a plots development by showing how unnecessary … [Read more…]

Sketch – Horror noises

This sketch parodies the cliche scene that is a part of the horror genre, where a character reacts to noises in their environment as a part of a build up in suspense. This is usually used to delay something such as a jump scare, however we’ve parodied it by delaying for longer than necessary through … [Read more…]

Sketch – Parody of parody

In preparing for this sketch, we recognised that in parodying certain video types, many parodies create their own cliches which many people continue to follow, with this sketch we attempted to satirise these unoriginal cliches by having a person interrupt a parody review similar to the style of our project one sketches, as he begins … [Read more…]

Sketch – 10 hour loop

The ten hour video has become a popular form of online video in recent times, taking parts of shows or movies, or even whole videos or songs and looping them for ten hours. Originally this started as a result of YouTube extending the time limit put on users videos, and so the fad of the ten hour … [Read more…]

Sketch – Who are you?

For this sketch, we are parodying the cliche dialogue of “who are you, and what have you done with …” that is used jokingly in various situations when a person or character does something unexpected or out of character. This started as us drawing inspiration from this situation as we’d seen it in shows and … [Read more…]