Sketch – 10 hour loop

The ten hour video has become a popular form of online video in recent times, taking parts of shows or movies, or even whole videos or songs and looping them for ten hours. Originally this started as a result of YouTube extending the time limit put on users videos, and so the fad of the ten hour loop was created as a result of the service’s changing limitations and is a good example of the tool informing the practice. We haven’t so much attempted to parody this in our sketch, but use this format as the device for parody, as the ten hour loop is used in some cases to take a scene out of context and alter it to be funny through the forced and unprecedented repetition of the loop. Our sketch takes dialogue from the film Magnolia (Paul Thomas Anderson, 1999) and puts it into the format of the ten hour loop (our sketch is not actually a ten hour upload, but a sample of what it would be like). By doing so, we wanted to see if we could take a part of a narrative story and parody it through putting it into the format of the ten hour loop. I think we were successful here in that through repetition, the otherwise basic dialogue is made funny, and narrative is made non-narrative in this new format.

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