Sketch – Horror split-up

n this sketch we focussed on parodying a cliche of the horror genre, where a key plot point in the cause and effect structure revolves around the main characters splitting up early on in the narrative. We wanted to emphasise this as being cliche and often crucial to a plots development by showing how unnecessary this action often is considering the story world, the parody coming from the unreasonableness of splitting up given the circumstances presented in the sketch. In our sketch, one character suggests splitting up after the other hears a sound. This is then questioned, but before there is chance to discuss the practicality of this notion, the first character has already gone off in their own direction. This forces the scene to then become a reflection about having a scene purely for the sake of cause and effect, and parodies how although this remains very true to the genre of horror conventionally and stylistically, it is unnecessary and in this case lends itself to comedy through being so unprecedented. The length of our sketch is comparable to the genre of online micro-horror, and it also lends itself to online sketch comedy through the simplicity of the joke, and the obvious satire.

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