Storytelling – Form vs. Content – Why don’t we have both?

So I’m going to delve into the argument of form vs content. If it must be a matter of ‘versus’, then my answer will be content every time. If someone has a great story to tell then I’m going to enjoy it regardless of its form – music, novel, poem, film, video game, doesn’t matter. … [Read more…]

Symposium week 4

This weeks symposium was a definite improvement on last weeks, as there was far greater discussion and great pints made by both the tutors and several students. Unlike last week’s copyright centred questions, this week’s questions really benefitted from the symposium structure – even if it sometimes felt that Adrian had a definite idea of … [Read more…]

Week 3 Symposium – Just alright

This week’s symposium (and it was a symposium) consisted of discussion on copyright, and basically what we can get away with. I felt that this symposium was just alright, but at times it felt as though it could have simply been a lecture, as there didn’t really seem to be a great amount of opinionated … [Read more…]

Week 2 Lecture

The semester’s second lecture was – much like the previous one – not obviously relevant to the course of Networked Media (although I couldn’t tell you confidently what that is). But, again much like the first lecture, I enjoyed it and feel that I was able to get something out of it. The activity of … [Read more…]

Week 1 Lecture

The first lecture (or symposium? or lecture, and the others will be symposiums? or what’s a symposium) for Networked Media this semester was supposedly the only traditional lecture we would be having, though the way it carried out didn’t exactly scream traditional. A course guide was not really discussed and, apart from the mention of … [Read more…]