Small Worlds reading

  From the Small Worlds reading, this photo stuck out most to me, for whatever reason – most likely that it was a photo with not too much of a caption, and it was from the first couple of pages, and I might have been kind of rushed for time. Anyway, I found this quite … [Read more…]

Storytelling – Form vs. Content – Why don’t we have both?

So I’m going to delve into the argument of form vs content. If it must be a matter of ‘versus’, then my answer will be content every time. If someone has a great story to tell then I’m going to enjoy it regardless of its form – music, novel, poem, film, video game, doesn’t matter. … [Read more…]

What they said

Brady has a lot to say on the recent announcement that Community TV would be moved to an internet platform. And I pretty much agree with everything he has to say. Kiralee posted some solid notes on the lecture, which would be very helpful for someone that didn’t attend said lecture. Rachel talks about a … [Read more…]

Collages and Warpaint

I found myself quite enjoying this week’s collage reading. The point wasn’t clear to me early on, as I read the piece chronologically from 312 onwards, but after a few hints that the ordering of things should not be relevant, I began scrolling randomly through the document, reading which ever number that caught my eye … [Read more…]

What they said

Kiralee gives a non-symposium altered view on the idea of form vs. content. She strongly favours the content, feeling everything ‘should be done for the benefit of story’. I tend to agree that story is number one, though the purely stylistic elements of certain films and books do often appeal to me. But yeah, story … [Read more…]