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This semester, I have explored ways to best convey the surreal, absurd and nightmarish qualities of dreams through film, focussing largely on space, lighting and sound. By surreal qualities, I essentially mean the most dreamlike aspects of dreams that go against any reality-based logic, yet are ultimately accepted by the dreamer. Therefore, my aim was … [Read more…]


Collaboration was a very important part of my work this semester. Firstly, with my own project, as I’ve mentioned before, having Kiralee as a sort of AD/camera operator was invaluable, as I was able to rely on someone to film what I messily explained, while I was stuck in front of the camera – somewhere … [Read more…]

Editing – Sound

Having successfully completed all of my shooting, editing is now the focus. While the basic continuity editing was easy enough, it is the audio that’s taking time. Going back to the screening a few weeks ago, the ‘too real’ sound was something that I was made aware of, so I had to get on top … [Read more…]

Filming 2

My final shoot for this semester was pretty successful. Like the week before, this shoot took a long time, maybe 6 hours. But after last week, this was expected, and I was never too stressed out, largely due to the preparation I had done in the extremely valuable week in between shoots. I had made … [Read more…]

David Lynch

David Lynch has been a big part of this project. His movies are kind of what made me believe you can film anything, regardless of whether it makes plot sense, as long as its valid in some other way, such as being pretty, cool, funny, weird, emotionally moving or scary. I feel this comes through … [Read more…]


This is kind of a post of what I see as dreamlike in terms of film. Rather than simply talk about dream sequences, I’m more interested in films that simply have a dreamlike feel running through them, despite taking place in the ‘film’s reality’. The two obvious examples of filmmakers who convey this, that come … [Read more…]

In-class Screening

Screening my work in class proved to be very useful. Partly due to the constructive feedback that led me to think about aspects to my project that I hadn’t been up to that stage, but also because people seemed to like it and laugh. The main point that was brought up, and really stuck with … [Read more…]


For my first ‘proper shoot’, after having done some rough experimenting, I filmed one scene from my ‘David Bowie/Johnny Depp dream concept’, in which I’m in my car looking for drugs, find some sandwiches, and see Johnny Depp outside the car. This seemed like a simple enough scene, but it did prove to take quite … [Read more…]

Dream Synopsis

This is a brief synopsis of the dream that I plan to work with for the remainder of the semester: I’m with David Bowie, and we are preparing for some kind of potentially dangerous mission. He tells me to make sure there’s no drugs in my car. I tell him that I’m pretty sure there … [Read more…]

Scene Deconstruction – It’s a Wonderful Life

This scene from It’s a Wonderful Life involves George visiting Mary, whom he has a small romantic history with. After leaving in a somewhat heated manner, George returns to get his hat, as Mary has just answered the phone to her husband. From this point onwards is what I will be deconstructing, focussing mainly on … [Read more…]