Parody of a Parody Script

As a reference point, we ended up writing a quick script for the parody of a parody sketch, as it was important that certain things were said, as this is what the idea for this sketch was heavily weighted on. Because the idea is quite tricky, this was an important step for us in nailing this … [Read more…]

Project three ideas

1.  Parody. In our project two sketches we attempted to add narrative to the traditionally non-narrative genre of the video review (our case study) through the use of parody. For project three, we ask the question: can parody be applied to different genres to re-contextualise them? 2. Genre mixing. For project two we mixed the genres of parody and … [Read more…]

Online Video – what is that?

Having watched several student presentations of the types of online videos they enjoy, I feel that my understanding of the platform has increased somewhat. Several webseries helped bring attention to the differences between TV and online in a serial sense. Factors that come into play here include duration and budget, as online series tend to … [Read more…]