Reflection Essay

For project one, my case study was LJ Frezza’s video, titled Nothing, which involved every shot of ‘nothing’ (buildings, empty rooms etc.) from the television series, Seinfeld, being compiled into one 6 minute supercut. In its editing of entirely archival footage, the experimental video gave an interesting commentary on the 90s TV show, as well … [Read more…]

Project four refinement

In Monday’s studio, we were able to explore in depth what it is we plan to do for project four, with Seth’s feedback informing our discussion. We will be making a YouTube channel, Seth suggested that if the YouTube channel is the focus, then we only really have to create the final works. So the idea … [Read more…]

Initial project 4 plans

For project four, we are thinking we could perhaps establish a YouTube channel (for example) as a prototype, which would be focussed around something such as an online video review series. This would allow us to be both experimental and broaden the scope of the task. It would answer our probe by using parody, as … [Read more…]

Notes for Project 4

Here are the notes Seth wrote out for us after our panel presentation on project three. The notes he has written, as well as the discussion we have had both with him and alone as a group will help us determine the direction we head in for our prototype.

Studio – Monday 13th April

This week’s studio saw some significant modifications to the project three assessment. We were initially shown a video in which Booth explained the difference in results between students who were asked to make one final piece and students who were asked to make a certain amount of pieces. This competition between quality and quantity saw the … [Read more…]

Project Two Presentation Refelction

Having successfully completed our presentation for Project Two, we are now ready to move on to the next task. Some of the main things we got out of the presentation involved lessons on time management, as well as things more specific to the next project. In terms of time management, our presentation ran slightly over … [Read more…]

Refining Reflection

An issue that arose as we gained a better understanding of project two was whether or not our initial ideas would still be relevant. These initial ideas basically consisted of parody of online video types, such as video tech reviews. After a great deal of thought, we decided that we could ultimately stick with our … [Read more…]

Project 2 – sketch filming

Having done some very useful refining of our ideas in class, moving into the producing of our 10 sketches proved to be a much more relaxed process as we were now confident in where we were headed. Thankfully, our sketches didn’t require us to leave the one room for filming, allowing us to shift comfortably … [Read more…]

In-class refining

Having come to class with a large and broad list of ideas, we soon learnt that we would have do some refining. This meant that, rather than apply our concept of parody to a large amount of very different video types, we had to bring ourselves back in to one much more specific idea. From … [Read more…]

Online Video – what is that?

Having watched several student presentations of the types of online videos they enjoy, I feel that my understanding of the platform has increased somewhat. Several webseries helped bring attention to the differences between TV and online in a serial sense. Factors that come into play here include duration and budget, as online series tend to … [Read more…]