Scene Deconstruction – It’s a Wonderful Life

This scene from It’s a Wonderful Life involves George visiting Mary, whom he has a small romantic history with. After leaving in a somewhat heated manner, George returns to get his hat, as Mary has just answered the phone to her husband. From this point onwards is what I will be deconstructing, focussing mainly on … [Read more…]

Location switch/merge experiment

I did my first little bit of shooting on the weekend. Not having a huge amount of time, I just wanted to get a short experiment done, and hopefully get myself into the idea of more shooting. The basis of my experiment was to see how I could convey the seamless switching and merging of … [Read more…]

Film 3 – 25/9

This class saw us filming a few basic scenes as a class, similarly to last Friday. The scenes came from the ideas of three students who took the role of director, while the rest of us did what they said. Like last week, I found this process extremely useful, more so even as I found … [Read more…]

Lighting in movies

After having one of my very favourite movies in Fargo criticised for its lighting (which I think I disagree with, as I feel the lighting in the particular scene captures incredibly well that time of day where despite being morning, you still have to turn lights on – the difference of yellow on blue, compared … [Read more…]

Film 3 – 18/9

We got through a lot in this class. One of the main subjects we focussed on was something that I’ve been wanting to learn more about for a while: lighting. From experience, my lack of experience with lighting is often the main flaw of the things I film. Having never really used proper film lights, … [Read more…]


A type of dream that I’m very compelled by, however disturbing, is a nightmare. I personally do have nightmares occasionally, and they vary in their scariness. Some of the lesser ones involve being late for work, which I do consider nightmares, but they’re kind of boring. Then there’s the similar anxiety based ones, that involve … [Read more…]

Proposal reflection

Having done my proposal today, I can say that I’m feeling quite comfortable with what’s ahead, as it was ultimately a success. I felt that I got the message of what it is I wanted to explore across reasonably well, and the panel seemed to understand what I was on about. I found the feedback … [Read more…]

Project 3 Proposal

For the rest of this semester, I plan to explore dreams and how they can best be represented on film. The elements of dreams that particularly interest me are the surreal and absurd. Things like strange locations, strange characters and a weirdly accepted lack of logic, that all somehow manage to feel connected to reality, … [Read more…]

Project 3 notes

My plan is to explore dreams in some way. I want to capture the surrealism and absurdity of dreams, without forcing them to fit into or aid a greater plot. I think I might do this by taking some of my own dreams, and simply shooting them without making them ‘make sense’ or adding cause … [Read more…]