Empowerment – Media as a Force for Change

Our topic under the term ‘Empowerment’ was ‘media as a force for change’. We found our attention very quickly directed towards social media, as it’s often a space where anyone’s thoughts on an issue can be heard, rather than just the more traditional sources such as TV networks. Another strong element of social media is how immediate it can be. Something that can come with a wider social media community is injustices that might otherwise be covered up can be called out more readily. However, in our notably very short discussion, when we tried to think of examples of media bringing a change, our traditional media example proved more effective. This was the TAC ads which have dramatically affected road safety. Our more social media based example was the Kony 2012 movement, which is now more famous for how quickly it died than it is for presenting injustice or forcing change. This made us question whether the more readily accessible things become, and the more content or over saturation  there is, are battles for justice, safety or change less likely to leave a lasting impact?

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