Throughout our film, the contrast between silence and music playing will be vital. Put simply, silence will represent the sadness in Tim’s life, while music will represent his one source of happiness. A majority of the film will be filled with near silence, clearly suggesting that a majority of his lifestyle is filled with a … [Read more…]

Scene 9 storyboard and discussion

In the process of storyboarding our film, we decided to split the script into four different sections for each of us to do. I ended up with the final two scenes of the script, which essentially involve Tim seeing the band play at a bar, and then leaving the bar afterwards. The first of these … [Read more…]


With this post I will attempt to give a sort of broad sense of the cinematography style that we will be going for in our film. While Tan is the cinematographer, and has certainly proven far more technically competent than me, we will hopefully be able to work pretty closely from a more creative standpoint. … [Read more…]