Sketch Ten: Anti-Climax

There is an obvious structure to the case study, where first the phone is introduced, and then its features are tested. We wanted to replicate this, only we wanted to use this format to create an anti-climax, such as not being able to test the device. In the case study, the video is structured so that … [Read more…]

Sketch Nine: Graphic Text

Graphic text is used throughout the review, often in the form of measurements and statistics that give credibility to the reviewers opinion. We wanted to use this in our sketch to find out what kind of response an error in the text would garner. For our sketch, we chose to create a title rather than copy … [Read more…]

Sketch Eight: Poor Framing

In this sketch, we wanted to see the effect of replacing well composed shots with poor framing, aiming for a comedic effect. We chose to frame the shot with Sam’s head cut in half by the bottom of the frame, meaning you can’t see his mouth as he talks. The top half of his face … [Read more…]

Sketch Seven: Awkward Editing

Similar to sketch five, we wanted to explore how the replacement of high quality with low quality presentation impacts the overall quality of the video. For this sketch, we wanted to replace the clean editing with an awkward and jarring style. This sketch was inspired by the insecure acting in sketch five. As a way … [Read more…]

Sketch Six: Background Poster

In this video the placement of objects behind the reviewer appears to be very deliberate, adding to his perceived personality and familiarity. In our sketch we attempted to recreate this, but with something less typical and possibly more comedic to show how different posters can lead to different responses and reflect differently on the reviewer. In the … [Read more…]

Sketch Five: Bad Delivery

The reviewer in the video is very fluent and confident in his delivery, and this adds to the quality of the review. For our sketch we aimed to parody this by replacing his confidence and fluency with insecurity and mumbling to see how this effects the overall quality of the video. We found that Sam appeared … [Read more…]

Sketch Four: Intro Sequence

There is a brief introduction sequence to the video review, setting it up like a web-series. For our sketch we wanted to see what such an introduction sequence would look like if it was absurdly exaggerated for comedic effect. Taking the idea of the intro sequence from the case study, we then drew from external … [Read more…]

Sketch Three: Voice Over

Voice over is extensively used in the case study as the product is explained alongside accompanying shots. Often these moments begin with piece to camera, then shots of the phone, which we then used to structure our sketch. Structurally our sketch follows the conventions of the case study, starting with a piece to camera. When … [Read more…]

Sketch Two: Language

There is language that is specific to a review, that we explored and recreated in our sketch. We listened to the kind of language that is used in this review (and that is also common in other video reviews) and sought to replicate this kind of dialogue. As we watched more and more reviews, we noticed how … [Read more…]

Sketch One: High-End Product Photography

  In the case study there are multiple professional looking shots of the phone being reviewed, defined by the use of camera movements such as tracking in, out and across, as well as tilts and pans. For our sketch, we wanted to explore how this would look if the subject was less deserving of a review, let … [Read more…]