Making Talking Look Cool

After the exercise in which we were told to simply shoot some kind of action, preferably mundane, for 50 seconds, the idea of turning something that could be considered boring into something visually interesting on camera stood out to me. A particular action that I feel can be visually uninteresting, especially when filmed in an … [Read more…]

Hopes for Film 3

Around two years ago now, I chose a Media degree, rather than a Film and TV degree – what I was ultimately interested in – essentially because I thought a broader knowledge would be useful for me. Since then, there’s been a slight sense (not a complete sense) of regret for this decision. One of … [Read more…]

Film 3 – Week 1

For the first class of Film 3, the main exercise involved recording a 50 second shot of a certain place, while essentially introducing ourselves to the unfamiliar cameras. Initially, my group planned to shoot two people playing basketball just outside of Building 9, recognising it as some of the more interesting action occurring in Bowen … [Read more…]