Project 2 Reflective Report

Our project goal is essentially to create an evocative short film that effectively communicates our theme of loneliness, and the idea of filling the resulting void through something questionable or unhealthy. To be more story-specific, we plan to tell of a man aged around 19 who is struggling with loneliness and emptiness after finishing high … [Read more…]

You and the Creative Process

I went into Rabiger’s chapter, You and the Creative Process, with the hope of getting a strong insight into how I can strengthen my own process of creating, particularly in relation to the ideas and writing stage of short filmmaking. I very much enjoyed Rabiger’s take on ‘our need to tell stories’, which he associated … [Read more…]

Small Deaths

Lynne Ramsay’s Small Deaths was great example of what short films can (and don’t have to) do. Firstly, the film had a very loose causation to it, as there was very much a sense of ‘things happening’. The simplicity of it from a cause and effect perspective is definitely a strength though, as it allows … [Read more…]

Bottle Rocket

In watching Wes Anderson’s short film, Bottle Rocket, it was interesting to see how it related to the many feature films he would go on to make, as well as how it stood on its own as a short film. Several things stood out as very ‘Wes Anderson’ like, even this early on in his … [Read more…]


I found Chris Nolan’s short film to be hugely interesting. Compared to something else we’ve watched, like Wes Anderson’s Bottle Rocket, this film is far from conventional, and much more conceptual and concerned with tone and atmosphere. Seeing this approach executed so well really demonstrated for me how little plot can matter when there is … [Read more…]