Film 3 – 24/8

In this class, the set task was based around editing the footage from last week. However, I had done most of this editing in the last class. Luckily, after a discussion with Robin, where he agreed with most of my problems with my scene, I was able to go out and ultimately reshoot the entire … [Read more…]

Film 3 – 21/8

For this class, we were asked to shoot some kind of idea or technique that appealed to us, personally. The basic concept that I was trying to explore was someone walking towards something, and being shocked upon looking inside that something. This was inspired by the final scene of Rosemary’s Baby (1968), where Rosemary walks … [Read more…]

Top 5 Director/Actor Pairs

This post is going to take the form of a list, which I feel is the true ultimate form of blogging and pure journalism (I don’t actually). Anyway, the list is based off a podcast that I listen to called Filmspotting, which provides weekly episodes where a film is reviewed, accompanied by a top 5 … [Read more…]

Location scouting

Originally my story was to take place in a cinema. However, to actually gain access to a cinema to film in may not be a realistic hope. So, as I see it, I have two options: use movie magic to make somewhere look like a cinema, or change settings. I feel like the latter may … [Read more…]

Editing of expert acts

For the editing of my groups two ‘expert acts’ I took two slightly different approaches. For the first activity, making a paper plane, I essentially tried to provide adequate coverage of the process, choosing the most appropriate angle for the different stages. Firstly, the plane maker is introduced through a wide shot, showing them sitting … [Read more…]

Writing thing

After two hours of sitting in darkness, the movie was over. The drama was over. Or so he thought. It was time to leave. He stood up slowly and headed toward the exit, the music accompanying the credits providing a nice background. In his left hand was a glass bottle, which had been empty since … [Read more…]