Sketch – Music cover

Song covers are a very prominent example of online video, and because there are so many of them online, they have developed their own kind of cliche style. In this cliche, the subject of the video gives a quick (often awkward or unscripted) introduction of themselves and the song they’re about to cover, and then the remainder … [Read more…]

Sketch – Tutorial

With this sketch we attempted to parody the video tutorial. We decided that in order to demonstrate the possible ways of parodying this online video genre, we would make two videos with the same content of a person giving a tutorial on how to make a paper plane, but in different manners. The first video … [Read more…]

Sketch – Recycling dilemma

This sketch takes influence from the western filmic genre as well as anecdotal material, as it shows a person with an empty glass bottle being confused as to which of two bins(waste and recycling) he should put it in. This hybrid was achieved through the replacement of a gun with a glass bottle, a change … [Read more…]

Sketch – Documentary

This sketch took two Internet related things before applying parody to fulfil our hybrid form. The first of these was documentary, a genre that despite starting on other platforms has really found a place in online video, as it allows them to not have to cater to television or feature-length constraints. The second was not … [Read more…]

Sketch – Skate Video

In this sketch, we essentially wanted to parody the skate video genre, a genre that is now most prominent online. Skate videos tend to have little in the way of narrative, as they often follow a loose structure similar to that of a music video. In our parody of the video type, we wanted to … [Read more…]

Sketch – Game commentary

With this sketch, we took the ‘game commentary’ genre, which exists wholly online, and attempted to parody a particular element of it, in the hope of applying a narrative aspect to an otherwise non-narrative form. In order to do this, we looked for an element of game commentary videos that could lend itself to being … [Read more…]

Project three ideas

1.  Parody. In our project two sketches we attempted to add narrative to the traditionally non-narrative genre of the video review (our case study) through the use of parody. For project three, we ask the question: can parody be applied to different genres to re-contextualise them? 2. Genre mixing. For project two we mixed the genres of parody and … [Read more…]

Sketch Ten: Anti-Climax

There is an obvious structure to the case study, where first the phone is introduced, and then its features are tested. We wanted to replicate this, only we wanted to use this format to create an anti-climax, such as not being able to test the device. In the case study, the video is structured so that … [Read more…]

Sketch Nine: Graphic Text

Graphic text is used throughout the review, often in the form of measurements and statistics that give credibility to the reviewers opinion. We wanted to use this in our sketch to find out what kind of response an error in the text would garner. For our sketch, we chose to create a title rather than copy … [Read more…]

Sketch Eight: Poor Framing

In this sketch, we wanted to see the effect of replacing well composed shots with poor framing, aiming for a comedic effect. We chose to frame the shot with Sam’s head cut in half by the bottom of the frame, meaning you can’t see his mouth as he talks. The top half of his face … [Read more…]