Sketch – Jesus


For this sketch we decided to parody the character of jesus. We had the idea of creating a parody of a trailer, as trailers are a common form of online video, as are trailer parodies or ‘fake trailers’, so we already had an existing form of online video to work from. Rather than make the trailer itself, we worked off the main parody element of our idea, which was character, and focussed on this for our sketch. For this we simply took a photo of the character as he would look parodied in the final trailer. The idea for the trailer would be to parody Jesus as a character in a high school, teen drama/comedy, where he would appear as a DJ. This is similar to the flip book idea in terms of moving an aspect of the bible into a more conventional narrative format to play with its form, and moving it into a genre not of its own. This creates a kind of hybrid, as genre is added to something traditionally without genre, and through this parodying of character the narrative form is played with.

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