Sketch – Flip book

This sketch takes a line from the bible and recontextualises it for comedy’s sake. We took the line from a section of the bible in which Jesus says to a group of men preparing to stone a woman who has committed a crime “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”, implying that the men should not feel superior to the woman, as they too have sinned. We recontextualised this with consideration to Jesus being a pure character without sin, and so in our sketch, he may cast the first stone. This is a parody on the line and its meaning, as it is taking something that is meant to be taken seriously and experimenting with it to see if it can be made funny. We found the bible difficult to classify as narrative or non-narrative, particularly as a religious text, however through moving this line into a comedy situation the line is a part of new, more conventional narrative structure, as the cause and effect idea is the driving force behind the joke. We chose to present this as a flip-book as an experimentation on form, and how this idea – being quite short in structure – would be suited to a micro-video platform such as Vine. The flip book itself is an experimentation on form too, as we have decided for this sketch to move away from traditional film and asked ourselves what video would look like on paper. First we thought about presenting this as a storyboard, but thought a flip book would be more appropriate in lending to the micro-video idea, especially since it can be seen as a part of the process from paper to animation to potentially film.

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