Sketch – Who are you?

For this sketch, we are parodying the cliche dialogue of “who are you, and what have you done with …” that is used jokingly in various situations when a person or character does something unexpected or out of character. This started as us drawing inspiration from this situation as we’d seen it in shows and movies and the like, however as we continued with planning the sketch we found that we were more-or-less parodying real life, as this is something that is not specific to a genre or specific style, but is actually just a figure of speech commonly used in the real world. With this is mind, we worked to parody this in the style of online video as to keep with this aspect of our probe for this project, drawing from the popular example of online video: sketch comedy. In particular we drew from sketch group Aunty Donna’s video ‘Cresps’, using the stylistic elements of this video to shape how we would parody the phrase.

By parodying this dialogue, we have been able to bring something entirely non-narrative that exists as a part of everyday life into a narrative form, as we have included it as a part of the cause and effect structure. In a sense, what we have created is a slice of life style video, that aided through the use of parody, has transitioned into a narrative structure. This is a new idea for us, mixing real life with parody to create narrative, and it’s an idea that has created an interesting hybrid that would be worth exploring further.

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