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Week 11 UnLecture


The second last week for semester already?!   This week we discussed how current society is based on a ‘gift economy’. That is, that we are willing to give away all our information, thoughts and ideas to the world, for free. Adrian raised the point that most people these days are participatory actors on Facebook. […]

Week 8 Unlecture


This week’s symposium was quite fascinating. I am with Brian and Jasmine, or probably even less knowledgeable about video-games, my knowledge base spans from ‘they take first priority over girls’… thanks guys! to crashing into walls on a scooter thing and falling into the abyss on my little brother’s Mario Kart Wii game. However, despite […]

Week 7 Unlecture


The first Unlecture back since the mid-semester break had a disappointing turnout. I really don’t understand why people enrol in the course if they aren’t going to turn up. Sure there are acceptable reasons as to why you miss some sessions but could that many people have had the flu? Then again, if I’m being […]

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Week 5 Un-UnLecture


So there was no actual lecture this week due to the strike. But in lieu of the actual lecture we were assigned 3 videos to watch on youtube. I found all 3 really captivating for different reasons and I intend to watch more similar videos when I’ve finished writing this post 🙂 I will explain […]

Week 4 Unlecture


This week I found the unlecture a little less engaging… It wasn’t a negative experience, but I found it harder to keep engaged in the conversation- maybe it was because I was really annoyed that after specific instruction not to be going on the internet during the lecture, the person in front of me was […]

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Week 3 Unlecture


Sitting through this unlecture was so captivating and inspiring I actually thought we were all going to clap at the end of Adrian’s speech! I know… I’m a nerd for admitting this but I actually don’t care 🙂 I even found myself considerring being a media professional rather than a PR professional, which was what […]

Week 2 Unlecture


This time we were asked to write a question on a piece of paper to ask Adrian about the course. Panic! Could I get away with sliding it under my notebook? What is the most common question going to be? Maybe I could write that so I don’t look silly! Oh my gosh what if […]

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How I interpreted the speculative passage about Networked Media


Adrians passage personifies Networked Media as a person bobbing around in a boat in a vast sea. I saw this piece as a metaphor for the subject of Networked Media. I think the easiest way to explain my interpretation is through song! No I’m kidding, I’ll just break down the phrases and tell you how I […]

The ‘Unlecture’


It was a day that started out like any other… Actually it WASN’T! I walked in to the Networked Media lecture, eyes still puffy from crying after having been harassed at my usual tram stop by a middle-aged man who thought it was ok to be totally wasted by 1pm on a Tuesday afternoon. He […]

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