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Victory Dance :)


Finally………………….. after forever RMIT has released my Semester One results!!! JUST. NOW. And like I have mentioned several times in my blog posts… Im a stress head… but right now (its time for a metaphor) I feel as though a dinosaur has been lifted off my shoulders! (I have started a new creativity-kick and I […]

Week 3 Unlecture


Sitting through this unlecture was so captivating and inspiring I actually thought we were all going to clap at the end of Adrian’s speech! I know… I’m a nerd for admitting this but I actually don’t care 🙂 I even found myself considerring being a media professional rather than a PR professional, which was what […]

I don’t wanna do this anymore… hang on, I kinda, really, totally do!


This Tuesday morning I had decided that I wasn’t intelligent enough for the University degree that I was enrolled in, (Professional Communication). I had spent the first few hours of my day crying, convinced I would never reach my dream career aspirations. That was it, I was going to head into the city and seek […]

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