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Oops! There goes my tax return!


So, like a responsible young, working adult, all year I had been planning that once I receive my tax money I would put it away so I had plenty of money to buy all of my family and friend’s Christmas presents. Then… my mother, who had planned on doing the same thing, decided we should go for “lunch” at DFO and she can get my little brother some new sneakers at a good price…

Have you seen the sales at DFO?! I know I’m very interested in fashion and current trends and DFO has lots of ‘last season’ stock… but for the prices it doesn’t matter! I mean there were mint green skinny jeans reduced from $79.95 to $10.50! They had four other colours so I got them too! Needless to say, I am fully equipped for Summer… or life! I got 2012 bathers from Seafolly for $40, Some shoes from Forvever New for about $15, 11 tops, some shorts, overalls, skirts, makeup, a towel??, some jewellery, …. but no lunch!

The point of this post is, get your responsible saving butt down to DFO! Stat! 🙂

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