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Week 11 UnLecture


The second last week for semester already?!   This week we discussed how current society is based on a ‘gift economy’. That is, that we are willing to give away all our information, thoughts and ideas to the world, for free. Adrian raised the point that most people these days are participatory actors on Facebook. […]

Oops! There goes my tax return!


So, like a responsible young, working adult, all year I had been planning that once I receive my tax money I would put it away so I had plenty of money to buy all of my family and friend’s Christmas presents. Then… my mother, who had planned on doing the same thing, decided we should […]

Vivienne Westwood: Standing up for Earth


So it’s London fashion week this week, and prominent designer Vivienne Westwood used her runway presentation as a platform to express her views on “humanity’s current path of destruction”. Climate change was an overwhelming theme in the designer’s runway line, featuring garments sporting slogans about climate change in floral print and earthy colours. Westwood even […]

Networked Media after the blogs ‘don’t count’ anymore…


Now that the blog assessment has been submitted I feel like the incentive to do well on blog posts is going to deteriorate among my peers. But I have really enjoyed it so this is my pledge to continue to get 10/ 10 for my participation record for the rest of the semester, not only […]

Alyce Paris homecoming dress giveaway!!! RMIT Comm Ballers get on it!


Post by Alyce Paris.

Following my recent ‘breaking my own fashion rules’… Im going for a strapless dress with a cinderella skirt for the ball….Hmmm…


Breaking my own (Fashion) rules


I have a few key rules that I like to stick to when creating an outfit. Fashion and style is very important to me and has been all my life. I have on numerous occasions made my Mum walk back upstairs and change her wide-legged pants or ditch the dangly earings if she is also […]


My favourite blog <3


I first discovered YouTube makeup guru Elle Fowler in 2009, a year after she had begun ‘vlogging’ (video-blogging) video makeup tutorials, beauty product reviews and styling tips, and from then on I was obsessed, tuning in to her channel every night when I got home from school to watch her latest clip on either of […]

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