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The Long Trail Blog, Chris Anderson


An eye-opener. Check it out here. A couple of things I thought about while reading this: 1. Old books/ singers/ movies coming back into the market. After being a “miss”, they can become a hit. Recently, I saw on the ITunes top 40 downloads of the week were 2 songs by the Backstreet Boys from […]

Six Degrees, Duncan J Watts


This reading was really long, and ventured into unknown territory for me… (the rhythm of crickets chirping…?), but I did know from the very start (or at least I think I did), why the reading was chosen for us in networked media. All the concepts Watts was discussing, from the power outage in New-York, to […]

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Books without Pages, Novels without Endings, J. Douglas


I actually just started reading this. Literally. Right. Now. (or 30 seconds ago), and felt the urge to start a blog post about this reading. “What if you had a book that changed every time you read it?”- Michael Joyce 1991 This quote just blew my mind. There goes my excitement for ‘Winnie the Pooh […]

Reconfiguring Narrative, George Landow


I found this reading just reiterated a lot of what we have already learnt about hypertext. It addressed the problems with structure (beginnings, middles, ends) and the lack of power to the author in some circumstances and the power to the author available in others. I liked that it incorporated Aristotle’s early definitions of beginning, […]

Critical Theory and New Media in an Era of Globalisation, George Landow


The bad news is, printing all of this week’s reading used an entire cartridge of black ink because the photocopying was a little bit skew-wiff (is that a word?). The good news is, I took a lot from it and I think I finally understand Hypertext (read: Look at my awesome photo post of Winnie […]

Literary Machines, Theodore Holm Nelson


This was my take-notes-as-I-read approach to this reading… –       How the heck am I supposed to read this? Chapter 0> Pick one of three chapter 1’s > Then chapter 2 > then another chapter one> then one of the chapter 3’s, and then there are lots of other chapters not even numbered…. What??? –       I […]

‘As we may think’, Vannevar Bush


It’s not a secret that I’m not very technologically savvy… My Mum had joined MySpace and Facebook well before me (and frequently communicated with all my school friends while I was still overwhelmed by the whole idea)! So after months of contemplating purchasing a Mac computer, I finally caved. Yes, it was a really hard […]


Chris Argyris: Theories of Action, Double Looped Learning and Organisational Learning


For me, this reading was very long and complex. I think the points made were simple enough, but the writer kept jumping back and forth between the types/ models of learning. So, in a nut-shell, here is what I took away from it: – People subconsciously follow a ‘mental map’ that they have planned out […]

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