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Ten Dreams of Technology, Steve Dietz


This reading, is a speculative piece that comes from the point of view of art about technology. I really like Adrian’s abstract about the reading: ‘Weird examples to help explain. Do you know of any racing car driver who doesn’t have a deep understanding of cars, engines, tyres and of course driving- they don’t just […]

Niki Assessment


This is so much harder than I thought it would be! I thought I had left Photoshop behind last semester with Editing Media Texts and ‘Galaxy print’ leggings!? Guess not. My Photoshop skills, well actually most computer-y skills range from “where is the on button?” to “what?”… But at the same time I am really […]

Week 10 Unlecture


Firstly, WOW! Before I came into this lecture I had spent a good 15 minutes trying to find either my face, or the face of someone I know on this. These are the faces of Facebook. The number as I am writing this post is 1,278,837,969…. and continuing to grow really fast! Apparantly this would […]

Protocol: How Control Exists after Decentralization,Alexander R Galloway


This reading addresses very clearly what the title portrays. I liked how the first paragraph set everything out clearly and in context: This book is about a diagram, a technology and a management style. The diagram is the distributed network, a structural form without center that resembles a web or meshwork. The technology is a […]

Culture and Technology, Andrew Murphie and John Potts


This reading was of interest to me, I actually kind of understood it which was a nice change 🙂 So here are my main take away points on Culture, Technique and Technology: – The current meanings of the word technology only come about in the late 19th century, before this prominent writers including Karl Marx […]

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