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My favourite blog <3


I first discovered YouTube makeup guru Elle Fowler in 2009, a year after she had begun ‘vlogging’ (video-blogging) video makeup tutorials, beauty product reviews and styling tips, and from then on I was obsessed, tuning in to her channel every night when I got home from school to watch her latest clip on either of […]

How I interpreted the speculative passage about Networked Media


Adrians passage┬ápersonifies Networked Media as a person bobbing around in a boat in a vast sea. I saw this piece as a metaphor for the subject of Networked Media. I think the easiest way to explain my interpretation is through song! No I’m kidding, I’ll just break down the phrases and tell you how I […]

Chris Argyris: Theories of Action, Double Looped Learning and Organisational Learning


For me, this reading was very long and complex. I think the points made were simple enough, but the writer kept jumping back and forth between the types/ models of learning. So, in a nut-shell, here is what I took away from it: – People subconsciously follow a ‘mental map’ that they have planned out […]

The ‘Unlecture’


It was a day that started out like any other… Actually it WASN’T! I walked in to the Networked Media lecture, eyes still puffy from crying after having been harassed at my usual tram stop by a middle-aged man who thought it was ok to be totally wasted by 1pm on a Tuesday afternoon. He […]

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This is my hyperlink to somewhere else :)


This is my hyperlink to somewhere else ­čÖé

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