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Recombient Poetics and Related Database Aesthetics, Bill Seaman


This reading goes into explaining database aesthetics. Seaman relates a database to a human. Much like the Manovich reading, Seaman describes a database as a storage system that has many processes. Like a human, the processes can include things like memory, thought, association, cataloguing, categorising, framing, contextualising, de-contextualising, re-contextualising and grouping. Seaman also mentions interface […]

Database as Symbolic Form, Lev Manovich


Manovich introduces the idea of ‘new media’. Suggesting that we have moved in to a computer age, after having the novel and cinema as society’s main form of cultural expression, Manovich explains the concept of a database. In line with what we have recently learnt about the internet being a hypertextual space, Manovich says that […]

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