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Niki Assessment


This is so much harder than I thought it would be! I thought I had left Photoshop behind last semester with Editing Media Texts and ‘Galaxy print’ leggings!? Guess not. My Photoshop skills, well actually most computer-y skills range from “where is the on button?” to “what?”… But at the same time I am really excited about which topic I am submitting for my final assessment. My group is collectively very good and between us I think we have the right skills to satisfy all the criteria. But, without giving away too much, our topic is the iPod, we are going to collaborate visuals (we are going to use Photoshop to design an album cover that portrays how that particular iPod will be conceived in society and culture ), audio (audio interviews with the developers of the iPods or perhaps the consumers, as they grew and advanced from first generation until now) and text (a little explanation). I am comfortable that our speculative entry will adopt an appropriate ‘persona’, but, what I am most concerned about is how we are going to relate all of this to ‘the Network’. What is/ was the iPod’s “place” within the network/ a networked system? Did it really help connections? The only ‘connections’ I can make so far, is that it was easier, or made the connection/ network between people and music more intense, and eventually it made the links between people and other people, photos, contacts, media, entertainment, internet (the world basically) easier when the later generation iPods came about… But is this what we are looking for? Are we exploring this artefact within the context deeply enough? This is what I need to pose to my group and peers. *Thinking caps on* 🙂


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