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Recombient Poetics and Related Database Aesthetics, Bill Seaman


This reading goes into explaining database aesthetics. Seaman relates a database to a human. Much like the Manovich reading, Seaman describes a database as a storage system that has many processes. Like a human, the processes can include things like memory, thought, association, cataloguing, categorising, framing, contextualising, de-contextualising, re-contextualising and grouping.

Seaman also mentions interface design, and how human processes become operative.

I like Seaman’s explanation that “computation enables structural mappings across domains”. This to me helps understand internet web-sites as databases. All of which are structural and organised in either hierarchies, networks, etc… and each website links to several others, creating a web. These ‘media-flows’ depend on human activation, but again, there is no fixed narrative.

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