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Oops! There goes my tax return!


So, like a responsible young, working adult, all year I had been planning that once I receive my tax money I would put it away so I had plenty of money to buy all of my family and friend’s Christmas presents. Then… my mother, who had planned on doing the same thing, decided we should […]

Networked Media after the blogs ‘don’t count’ anymore…


Now that the blog assessment has been submitted I feel like the incentive to do well on blog posts is going to deteriorate among my peers. But I have really enjoyed it so this is my pledge to continue to get 10/ 10 for my participation record for the rest of the semester, not only […]

Alyce Paris homecoming dress giveaway!!! RMIT Comm Ballers get on it!


Post by Alyce Paris.

Following my recent ‘breaking my own fashion rules’… Im going for a strapless dress with a cinderella skirt for the ball….Hmmm…


My Top Beauty Products


I absolutely LOVE reading blogs like this! So here we go… my very first attempt at a top products/ product reviews. I have broken products into categories for easy reading 🙂 HAIR batiste dry shampoo in blush… For those of you with long, unruly hair like mine, you feel my pain when it comes to taking […]

My favourite blog <3


I first discovered YouTube makeup guru Elle Fowler in 2009, a year after she had begun ‘vlogging’ (video-blogging) video makeup tutorials, beauty product reviews and styling tips, and from then on I was obsessed, tuning in to her channel every night when I got home from school to watch her latest clip on either of […]

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