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Week 4 Unlecture


This week I found the unlecture a little less engaging… It wasn’t a negative experience, but I found it harder to keep engaged in the conversation- maybe it was because I was really annoyed that after specific instruction not to be going on the internet during the lecture, the person in front of me was […]

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‘As we may think’, Vannevar Bush


It’s not a secret that I’m not very technologically savvy… My Mum had joined MySpace and Facebook well before me (and frequently communicated with all my school friends while I was still overwhelmed by the whole idea)! So after months of contemplating purchasing a Mac computer, I finally caved. Yes, it was a really hard […]

I don’t wanna do this anymore… hang on, I kinda, really, totally do!


This Tuesday morning I had decided that I wasn’t intelligent enough for the University degree that I was enrolled in, (Professional Communication). I had spent the first few hours of my day crying, convinced I would never reach my dream career aspirations. That was it, I was going to head into the city and seek […]

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