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The reason I missed the week 9 Unlecture and Tutorial….


This took a lot of time… Hair, makeup, accessories… and it takes two people, apart from myself to do up this corset-stlye dress! Sorry I missed this week but the Comm Ball was fun! Also, this is my little beauty/ fashion blog post for the week… Dress: Sherri Hill Shoes and Clutch: Betts for Her […]

What’s so important about the blank space? … Everything happens there!


In a comic strip, the author only actually reads the text that is provided. The frames could jump from a woman carrying her grocery bags through a hallway in an appartment building, to an image of the same woman stabbed, dead on the floor… (Sorry that my first thought was so violent!) But to get […]

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Recombient Poetics and Related Database Aesthetics, Bill Seaman


This reading goes into explaining database aesthetics. Seaman relates a database to a human. Much like the Manovich reading, Seaman describes a database as a storage system that has many processes. Like a human, the processes can include things like memory, thought, association, cataloguing, categorising, framing, contextualising, de-contextualising, re-contextualising and grouping. Seaman also mentions interface […]

Database as Symbolic Form, Lev Manovich


Manovich introduces the idea of ‘new media’. Suggesting that we have moved in to a computer age, after having the novel and cinema as society’s main form of cultural expression, Manovich explains the concept of a database. In line with what we have recently learnt about the internet being a hypertextual space, Manovich says that […]

Vivienne Westwood: Standing up for Earth


So it’s London fashion week this week, and prominent designer Vivienne Westwood used her runway presentation as a platform to express her views on “humanity’s current path of destruction”. Climate change was an overwhelming theme in the designer’s runway line, featuring garments sporting slogans about climate change in floral print and earthy colours. Westwood even […]

Protocol: How Control Exists after Decentralization,Alexander R Galloway


This reading addresses very clearly what the title portrays. I liked how the first paragraph set everything out clearly and in context: This book is about a diagram, a technology and a management style. The diagram is the distributed network, a structural form without center that resembles a web or meshwork. The technology is a […]

Culture and Technology, Andrew Murphie and John Potts


This reading was of interest to me, I actually kind of understood it which was a nice change 🙂 So here are my main take away points on Culture, Technique and Technology: – The current meanings of the word technology only come about in the late 19th century, before this prominent writers including Karl Marx […]

Week 8 Unlecture


This week’s symposium was quite fascinating. I am with Brian and Jasmine, or probably even less knowledgeable about video-games, my knowledge base spans from ‘they take first priority over girls’… thanks guys! to crashing into walls on a scooter thing and falling into the abyss on my little brother’s Mario Kart Wii game. However, despite […]

My new blog!


I did it! I couldn’t wait any longer!

Networked Media after the blogs ‘don’t count’ anymore…


Now that the blog assessment has been submitted I feel like the incentive to do well on blog posts is going to deteriorate among my peers. But I have really enjoyed it so this is my pledge to continue to get 10/ 10 for my participation record for the rest of the semester, not only […]

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