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What’s so important about the blank space? … Everything happens there!


In a comic strip, the author only actually reads the text that is provided. The frames could jump from a woman carrying her grocery bags through a hallway in an appartment building, to an image of the same woman stabbed, dead on the floor… (Sorry that my first thought was so violent!) But to get […]

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Recombient Poetics and Related Database Aesthetics, Bill Seaman


This reading goes into explaining database aesthetics. Seaman relates a database to a human. Much like the Manovich reading, Seaman describes a database as a storage system that has many processes. Like a human, the processes can include things like memory, thought, association, cataloguing, categorising, framing, contextualising, de-contextualising, re-contextualising and grouping. Seaman also mentions interface […]

Database as Symbolic Form, Lev Manovich


Manovich introduces the idea of ‘new media’. Suggesting that we have moved in to a computer age, after having the novel and cinema as society’s main form of cultural expression, Manovich explains the concept of a database. In line with what we have recently learnt about the internet being a hypertextual space, Manovich says that […]

Week 8 Unlecture


This week’s symposium was quite fascinating. I am with Brian and Jasmine, or probably even less knowledgeable about video-games, my knowledge base spans from ‘they take first priority over girls’… thanks guys! to crashing into walls on a scooter thing and falling into the abyss on my little brother’s Mario Kart Wii game. However, despite […]

Week 7 Unlecture


The first Unlecture back since the mid-semester break had a disappointing turnout. I really don’t understand why people enrol in the course if they aren’t going to turn up. Sure there are acceptable reasons as to why you miss some sessions but could that many people have had the flu? Then again, if I’m being […]

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Alice Munroe ‘Dance of the Happy Shades’


This is one of my favourite books. I say book because it is not a novel, rather a collection of short stories. However all the short stories can, with some reader imagination and willingness to make connections, inter-relate. Munroe uses the same character names in several stories, and the same character descriptions in others, but […]

Books without Pages, Novels without Endings, J. Douglas


I actually just started reading this. Literally. Right. Now. (or 30 seconds ago), and felt the urge to start a blog post about this reading. “What if you had a book that changed every time you read it?”- Michael Joyce 1991 This quote just blew my mind. There goes my excitement for ‘Winnie the Pooh […]

Reconfiguring Narrative, George Landow


I found this reading just reiterated a lot of what we have already learnt about hypertext. It addressed the problems with structure (beginnings, middles, ends) and the lack of power to the author in some circumstances and the power to the author available in others. I liked that it incorporated Aristotle’s early definitions of beginning, […]

Week 5 Un-UnLecture


So there was no actual lecture this week due to the strike. But in lieu of the actual lecture we were assigned 3 videos to watch on youtube. I found all 3 really captivating for different reasons and I intend to watch more similar videos when I’ve finished writing this post 🙂 I will explain […]

Critical Theory and New Media in an Era of Globalisation, George Landow


The bad news is, printing all of this week’s reading used an entire cartridge of black ink because the photocopying was a little bit skew-wiff (is that a word?). The good news is, I took a lot from it and I think I finally understand Hypertext (read: Look at my awesome photo post of Winnie […]

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