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Ten Dreams of Technology, Steve Dietz


This reading, is a speculative piece that comes from the point of view of art about technology.

I really like Adrian’s abstract about the reading:

‘Weird examples to help explain. Do you know of any racing car driver who doesn’t have a deep understanding of cars, engines, tyres and of course driving- they don’t just drive. Do you know of any dancer that doesn’t have a deep understanding of different sprung floors, points, slippers, shoes, ankles, knees, their own bodies and muscles? …” This is very true and correlates with a point I found interesting in the reading.

I was surprised to read that “Artists were among the earliest and most active participants to recognize the potential of the internet”; maybe because I am uneducated about artists and would make a too general connotation of them with drawing, painting, music etc… instead of ‘ideas producers’, ‘thought communicators’, ‘knowledge creators’ and ‘experience designers’ which we learnt to classify ourselves as in week four of Networked Media. This was interesting to me because I simply assumed that the internet was completely created by academia. Never did I think to consider the more artistic and creative minds that were behind its development.

I guess the lesson here is not to take things, or people on face value. So much more goes into the ideas, design and development of things than those who are directly associated with it and take the credit.



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