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Week 11 UnLecture


The second last week for semester already?!   This week we discussed how current society is based on a ‘gift economy’. That is, that we are willing to give away all our information, thoughts and ideas to the world, for free. Adrian raised the point that most people these days are participatory actors on Facebook. […]

Week 10 Unlecture


Firstly, WOW! Before I came into this lecture I had spent a good 15 minutes trying to find either my face, or the face of someone I know on this. These are the faces of Facebook. The number as I am writing this post is 1,278,837,969…. and continuing to grow really fast! Apparantly this would […]

On actor-network theory, Bruno Latour


Latour discusses some of the misconceptions about networks. He says there are three main misunderstandings that are due to “common usages of the work network itself and the connotations they imply”. The first mistake is to relate a network to a ‘technology network’ such as a train, subway, sewage or telephone network, “a technical network […]

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Culture and Technology, Andrew Murphie and John Potts


This reading was of interest to me, I actually kind of understood it which was a nice change 🙂 So here are my main take away points on Culture, Technique and Technology: – The current meanings of the word technology only come about in the late 19th century, before this prominent writers including Karl Marx […]

The 80/20 Rule & Rich get Richer, Barabási, Albert-László


The first reading introduced the concept of the 80/20 rule, one which I had learnt in year 9 economics suggesting that 80% of a business’s sales are from 20% of their customers, and takes it further, applying it to numerous societal patterns. Some of which include 80% of decisions are made during 20% of meeting […]

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