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How I interpreted the speculative passage about Networked Media


Adrians passage┬ápersonifies Networked Media as a person bobbing around in a boat in a vast sea. I saw this piece as a metaphor for the subject of Networked Media. I think the easiest way to explain my interpretation is through song! No I’m kidding, I’ll just break down the phrases and tell you how I interpreted them ­čÖé

“A boat. Certainly not a big one”

When I read this description, I immediately remembered the point that Adrian made in the lecture about how we have spent approximately 12 years learning how to write, and what he wants to teach us has to be done in 12 weeks.

“Doesn’t really have a sail but there is some sort of mast to pin something on, against, to. Or a motor”

Again, I reflected upon the unlecture. Adrian said that this subject would not follow the general hierarchy of teacher teaches student and student must sit and learn. To me, this quote personifies Adrian… He is not going to treat us in a dictatory way, but he is going to be there to lead us along, nudging us in the right direction and giving us the push every now and then to keep us achieving the task we should be.

“Sometimes it gets blown and washed around”

As Adrian explained in the unlecture and the reading pointed out, errors and mistakes should not be feared, but embraced.

“There is no shore”

What we learn in this subject doesn’t have to end after the semester. We can continue to use these skills in both our professional and personal lives. Especially the value of blogging, our blogs build up a portfolio for ourselves. (Check out the optional reading by Adrian which explains this).

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“How I interpreted the speculative passage about Networked Media”


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