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Week 4 Unlecture


This week I found the unlecture a little less engaging… It wasn’t a negative experience, but I found it harder to keep engaged in the conversation- maybe it was because I was really annoyed that after specific instruction not to be going on the internet during the lecture, the person in front of me was checking Facebook, updating their blog, etc. and the people either side of her were also checking social media on their smart-phones… Gosh, I must sound like an old man but why can’t they just do that before/ after the lecture? Is it that hard to sit there for 50 minutes without Facebook? -_-

Anyway… here are my key take-away ideas:

1. I found it really interesting that there was an outlet initiated about 3 years ago that channelled 12 second video clips that failed making its presence in the market, but now Vine, which is only 7 seconds is a major hit. It just shows how speculative ideas can potentially be too advanced for the present, however really accommodated in the near future.

2. The point about professional identities and social media. I absolutely think that some time in the near future there will be a Facebook equivalent of professional identities, where people can upload their resumes, references, career and education histories, photos, etc… on a public internet platform. We are already at the stage of employers checking potential employees’ online profiles for character reference and such, so how far away can this be? If I invented it, I would call it ‘IdentifyMe’ or ‘MyOnlineResume’ haha 🙂

3. We are not content producers… we are knowledge creators/ experience designers.

4. This wasn’t really part of the lecture, but I am really excited about the MarketPlace… There are so many things I need to and want to learn to improve my blog! Downside… my lack of knowledge gives other people more marks which I have no way of obtaining myself… Can the person who trials an instructional video receive a mark or two for writing constructive feedback?

Looking forward to this week in Networked Media 🙂


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“Week 4 Unlecture”


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