Week 4: The Clarity of the Craftsmen – Cal Newport

Cal Newport’s chapter surrounding the craftsmen mindset begins with an anecdote about a reasonably successful yet very modest musician and his strong devotion to getting better at guitar, spending hours a day practicing. From here, Newport uses the musician as a way of demonstrating the craftsmen mindset, and comparing it to the passion mindset. He … [Read more…]

Empowerment – Media as a Force for Change

Our topic under the term ‘Empowerment’ was ‘media as a force for change’. We found our attention very quickly directed towards social media, as it’s often a space where anyone’s thoughts on an issue can be heard, rather than just the more traditional sources such as TV networks. Another strong element of social media is … [Read more…]

Week One: The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Klaus Schwab

Schwab’s chapter on megatrends and things driving the fourth industrial revolution (drivers) begins by organising the list into the categories: physical, digital and biological, as ideas like an ‘on demand’ economy and ethics are explored. The discussion has a strong focus on how new materials coming to the market are so vital to the innovations … [Read more…]

Studio Presentation Contribution

For the student presentation, I was a part of the website group. With Liv, the team leader, taking on the main role of creating the website, we decided that the rest of the team would be in charge of getting the appropriate material to her, from our own group’s film. This involved titles, taglines, a … [Read more…]

Reflective Report

With the semester now over, upon reflection it has ultimately been a success. Our initial goal of making a film that stayed true to a central theme was achieved, as were most of the goals that followed. I’ll now go into the three main stages of our process. Pre-production After coming up with our central … [Read more…]


Throughout our film, the contrast between silence and music playing will be vital. Put simply, silence will represent the sadness in Tim’s life, while music will represent his one source of happiness. A majority of the film will be filled with near silence, clearly suggesting that a majority of his lifestyle is filled with a … [Read more…]