essay interface notes.

clouds of questions. Links out. One big and then 4 smaller clips surrounding. White. Black and white filter.

How does the interface interact and complement the story and pattern that we want to display through the k-film.

How people feel about their partner? Prompt?

Try to come up with different interfaces.

Describe your partner, Weirdest habit, How did they meet?, WHat do they like about their partner?

What does the spatial position of the clips do? Reread the list readings ion spatial association and relationships.

Significant others

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V and C in the tools panel are 2 useful hotkeys which at first i never used, as i kept on clicking to change between razor and selection tool. But as i continued editting, these two shortcuts allowed me to edit and cut seemlessly.
END. this hotkey would ahve been a lifesaver during editting. i cannot express how many times when you edit and rewatch and then the clip just shoots right back to the start of the sequence. This hotkey if i found eralier or a way to stop it from replaying would have been so good.


A key point which i took form the lecture was the idea of  having a plan B during the filming. I relate to this more than the others due to the fact we actually had problems on our shoot, not creativity wise but rather technical. But having a backup for your work is very important and being able to adapt on the fly is a talent or skill we all must obtain.

And the director should have ways to help the actors do their job. Their vision is the film and the actors are tools to be used and sometimes need a bit of guidance to obtain their desired goal. I saw this first hand on our shoot where our director just gave the actors bits of tips and pointers that they were more than willing to change their style of acting or mannerisms to fit our need. In a way this might make the director a bit pushy but it is a necessary step in making a film.

There is a lot of folley and ambient noises editted in along with the dialogue. You can hear the crisp crinkling of the paper and such. THe crickets in the background give the scene a sort of stand off feel to it. All of the sounds are foley is very crisp and displays a heightened sense of awareness from both men. The camera quickly cuts to very specific actions, the dropping of the fish, the putting down of the lighter. IN a way it can be seen as a means to invoke a sense of jitters or nervousness between the two. The random sounds are there to break the eeriness of the crickets. The “silence” in the audio is created by the crickets and just the breathing of the man.

The video and audio are both editted from a shot reverse shot to display that the 2 are talking. At the start of it, it is editted in a way that the subject or the pictures are the main focus of the conversation. The shot reverse shots are there to mainly display the feelings and emotions on the faces of the actors. The line rule or 180 degree thing is always maintained. However as the scene continues, the sounds crescendoes to the point of climax where the gunshot breaks the eerie silence of the crickets etc… By the end, the sound of the fan increases and is likened to his heartbeat almost, pounding each second after the murder. Notice the supposed sound of the fan cahnges speed and isn’t constant. But the audience is shown that the fan is just spinning normally so the editting for both the audio and visuals are quite symbolic. The transition audio of the loud cymbal almost gong is used to change scenes.

needs 1 to complete 12

Seeing as this is week 11 i feel like i should give my overview of this course. integrated media has been an interesting subject. Even though i didnt really know much about the readings and topics, i felt like i always had an opinion i could voice on this blog. And if a subjet could do that i feel like that it was a good subject. Adrian has been a good tutor and has changed my opinion of him since last semester. Lot of stuff on creating meaning through association and connections. I kinda see what Adrian meant by this subject gives you the tools you need to apply yourself in any field of media. In a sense this subject was a how to think subject.
The assignments have been very manageable. A weekly checklist, film, essay and now the major k film. I feel like the timing of these assignments were timed nicely and wasnt a heavy work load. THe tutorials i felt were the most enjoyable part of the course due to the amount of interaction between student and teacher allowed an engaging class in expanding on the topics and issues we had. It also provided an adequate amount of time for us to complete assignments.

significant others kfilm

We decided on doing a film on peoples so. I filmed alot of the clips at a ball i attended. Our questions include, describe your so, what do you like about them?, wierdest habit? and where did you meet? I don’t know how well this idea will be applied to a k film, but it seems like it could work. There was a similar k film last year which had a ui which would fit our idea quite nicely, but not sure how it would look with our clips. Its due in 3 weeks, but we seemed to have all our processes sorted out and the only difficult part seems to just be the korsakow part itself so hopefully that will be a solid group effort.

im about to go ken Ham. jks bill nye is gee

Totally unrelated to integrated media, maybe… id ont know there could be some connection which i will try to create by the end LOL.

When i first saw this debate a few months ago i was compltely entrhalled and intrigued by this as i have never seen a real debate, and to be shown a topic so interesting i was captivated.I dont know if its bad for me to hate on Ken Ham, but i feel that man is just ridiculous. How could you argue other facts? Maybe i am biased in my own way which blinds me from seeing the relevant points which Ken Ham tries to show. His argument of creationism revolves around evidence he sources from the Bible which Bill Nye disproves. I know that there is never anything proven in science so i will say that there is a slim chance that Ken Ham might be right. But evidence strongly suggests that we did evolve. I don’t have anything against christianity or catholics, i went to a primary and secondary catholic school for that matter. I feel that religion is there for hope, and hope is a good thing to have. religion is an answer to the questio of what is there after death. To believe that we were created though is just too much for me. A lot of the things in the bible could be truthful, all stories and legends are always derived from something just like stereotypes. I do believe there might be bits of truth behind the bible, just not creationism.

I then watched a video on Richard Dawkins giving his thoughts on whether or not you can be a Christian and believe in evolution and according to him many bishops and popes all do. IS it a sin not to believe in creationsim? i dont know. hope not. I believe those ideals are both fair, why cant you believe in evolution.
Well video is down below. It is 2 hours 30mins so maybe dont watch it all but give it a watch.
hopefully i didnt offend anyone. just my thoughts.


It offers the
potential for new ways to construct argument and bring evidence to bear in
documentary’s attempt to shape our shared world.

This was what i found most truthful in the reading. It talks about the new affordances of having video content online. Video content online alone is a documentary in itself where it documents everyday activities of the public. MAybe not in the same way, but i interpret this reading different from its intention. Take youtube etc… they provide a platform for sharing information to the world. Whether these videso have an argument or not, people constantly argue on whatever they please to that they can relate to the videos. THe reading just reminded me of the Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate which was publicised widely a few months ago.

This reading was about the ways in which context is provided through different amounts of detail and information. These different approaches all change the meaning ever so slightly.


I recently started to do a lot of work for my filmtv subject and though i should write about my experiences about it here. The whole experience so far has been very enjoyable. From the tutorials to the actual film, i ahve enjoyved every second of it. The pre production of planning was meh, buit still it was fun writing and adding meaning to our vision. I felt like you can really see the development of a film, the ideas and characters were fleshed out slowly through consults after consults, trials and trials. The process was very enlightening in finding out that wow your draft or w.e sucks. In a creative industry you just got to suck it up and continue, not every idea is gold and not every idea will be bad. Im grateful for the group that i am in as they are all talented individuals who all held their weight in their group and made this experience enjoyable.

Filming, oh god. The test shoot alone was more than i could have imagined, but was one of the most enlightening moments of this course. The amount of mistakes and ideas you generate on the go were insane. Your vision for the project just becomes every step closer. The long hours you put in are really fulfilling then when you enter the edit suites to take a look and you are just like wow. our work is shit. There is no worst and best feeling. Sad that it was a test, yet happy that damn if we didnt do this our final work would have sucked.

On the actual filming days we were much more organised, provided their was 1 mishap with the equipment which kind of stressed us. We knew where the camera needed to be, what lights to use etc… everythign just seemed to mesh, yet the process still took just as long. The 2nd day must of been the easiest and enjoyable times with filming. The actors were stellar, they just meshed and were friendly to us as well, granted we were to them as well. Simple and clean, shot reverse shot dialogue. MY arms were jsut dead from holding that boom mic, im terrible at sound and wished to god that i did not stuff up the project for the team and hoped all the settings were right etc… Im really looking forward to editting as i believe thats where i enjoy the film process the most and hope to have alot of positive input.