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A interesting point that Adrian brought up was the idea of being a content creator vs being a media producer. I thought that this negative light that came with being a content creator was kind of unwarranted. In some cases being a content creator is more suited towards some people, from what I understand it is creating content based upon the vision of others. In a way, the content creator can still impart part of his creative style upon the content. Some people are just more suited towards envisioning others projects than creating their own media, a particular example in my opinion is Zack Snyder. He does particularly well when his source material is already provided and builds upon an already established world or content. Let’s look upon his work, his most successful and critically acclaimed work have been all adaptations; Man of Steel (Arguable whether good or not, I thought it was decent), 300 and Watchmen. Where as his attempt at producing and creating whole new worlds have been abysmal such as Sucker Punch, I don’t even know what he was thinking with this film…. People like Snyder seem to function well as a content creator where he already has the ground work and characters and just builds upon that idea.  I am not saying being a media producer is bad in anyway, it is true that generally when you start in the industry you will be a content creator as the higher ups will do the producing.

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  1. by content creator I mean you’re the person who is employed to make the trailer for Watchmen and you’re told exactly what shots are to be used. I didn’t mean producer in the film role of producer.

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