The Long Tailof the dinosaur

This reading was pretty interesting from a business commerce view. I understand the graph now after reading wiki pages, the left side of the tail or the beginning of the tail (it looks like the back of a dinosaur) will normally encompass 50% where as the right side will make the the remaining 50 It is interesting to note the idea that instea dof selling all mainstream items, you focus on the niche markets in order to sell a wide variety of minor products, but these combined niches will equal out to the main product. I find this works because, even though stuff is mainstream, there is a large majority of people who will not conform or like the content provided from the mainstream. In turn the wide variety of niche products will have less inventory spaces, but those 1 or 2 inventory will sell if available. I dont use netflix, but i know how it works and i think the digital age has really helped move it along. Why vcare about inventory space, when you can store anything and everything digitally for such a minor amount of space.
On a side note,  i cannot believe that article mentions kazaa. I have not heard that name in 10 years or so, back before limewire became the top dog in piracy peer to peer sharing :D. What ever happend to limewire and kazaa i still don’t know.

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