80/20 A reflection of humanity?

This reading was quite strange. Itstalks about the ┬ádistribution of data in real life situations which fit into this 80/20 structure. In a way it is true due to the bell curvedistribution which we have grown all too familiar with in high school. The majority of people will fit into the middle where the bell curve peaks, where as the rest or the 20 will fit into the outliers whether it is too low or too high. I normlaly don’t see this statistic in many other situations, but thats probabnly cause i don’t pay attention, but in games which have a ranking system or mmr you can see that 80% of the population fit into the average skill bracket or even low, where as the remaining 20% are in the high skilled bracket. Another important point of 80 20 which i thought was ironic was the thought of equally distributed links among nodes or anythting. Every webpage or node will have a similar amount of links going in or out of page and will uniformly have the same trait. This also reflects the 80 20 rule, i dont know the exact stats but the sites which deviate will prbably be around 10-15 as well if this theory is correct. In a way this theory is just a reflection of the population as whole. 80% of the world or population will be in average jobs , lead average or noaml lives. The 20 or mayube not 20 maybe 10? will do something extraordinary or live in a world of comfort and wealth more so than the 80. It seems very similar to the 1%, we are the 99% campaign. Well that number is completely off target from the 80 20, but you get the picture.

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