Film tv reflection

Budgerigar. The colour, lighting and shots were great and the story was interesting right form the get go. I was really impressed with the nightmare scene the editting between quickcuts of him eating laughing drinking etc… were great. The two guys having the same attire instantly made me curious on what was going to happen and it started off as some psychological thriller almost. My only gripe would be the turn from a thriller into a comedy, i thought it would have been better with a different ending. I didn’t understand the meaning of the title though but overall it was great.

Milk was a really good one cause it fit my style of humour. It had a feel of Fat Pizza or Housos to it with the inclusion of the bogans and emphasis on minor details such as the milk spilling for an absurdly long time and the pickles. It was a good comedy and used many conventions that we see in everyday films. OUt of all the comedies of the night i thought this was by far the best. I guess the only criticism would be the other house mate not running didn’t play a large role in the film and that they couldve transitioned into the chase a bit better.

Carl was a great comedy as well. It was funny and cute and i thought the bears framing was great how he always alone in the shot and something about the way the bear looks just made it all the funnier.

The Chase really suprised me, for such a simple story line it left us at a cliffhanger and i thought the film was great. The sound editting and the shots really built up the suspense. THe colours were grim with the blue and i thought this was one of the best ones of the night. I could imagine this being in any action movie was a chase scene and maybe with a longer time allocation this could of been amazing.

What i wanted from this course was to gain hands on experience in production to become more employable. I found that this course tackled exactly what i was aiming for. THe lectures and tutorials were helpful with tips on every aspect of film production from shooting, sound, time management editting etc… I found that i got to improve and familiarise myself with premiere pro much better and saw the footage from a much more technical aspect. The theoretical stuff for framing and general rules for camera and sound were very useful and i hope next semester i can get a shot at using the camera to have more hands on experience. I also mentioned i wanted to get out of my comfort zone and work towards being a more creative and a team member. I made new friends throughout this course both in class and out of class and actively strived to discuss and contact group members. I was disappointed with the lack of involvement with the camera, but with a limited amount of cameras and large amount of students it is understandable and it didn’t bother me much. I don’t know what else you could do to improve the course cause i felt i got eveyrhting i wanted and expected from the course. I feel what i could hyav done better was to attend more lectures, but due to work sometimes i just couldn’t make it so that was unfortunate. I gave this subject most of my attention this semester and with the outcome of A Love Lost i feel satisfied and proud of the work me and my classmates have produced.