Blogpost 4

Newport talks about 2 theories that relate to honing your skills within the industry and its relation to your job. He recounts his experience with a guitarist who is trying to make it in his industry as well as compares the theorises with Steve Martin’s biography. The craftsman vs the passion mindset, it details how a person approaches their work. Craftsman mindset is how can your skill service the world. He provides an example and quotes Steve Martin ” Be so good that they cannot ignore you” which shows the mindset you should have approaching and is a more relevant to working in a job that you love. The passion mindset focusses on what the world or your work can offer you. By doing so, you focus on the aspects of work that you hate and will lead you to be unhappy. I feel this is very related to early work prospects and part time jobs where you are assigned mundane tasks. Newport advocates us to adopt the craftsman mindset as it is much more beneficial as no one owes you a career, but rather you have to earn it. By doing so you leave behind your self centred concerns and is much better for your self development.

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