Mobas and the Death of Friendships and being Civil

With the International 3 on the horizon, a mere 2 days away, I would like to discuss the way in which team games completely destroy the essence of a “team”

What is a team and what do we do? Together we have to work together towards a common goal. Normally without the notion of flaming or increasing tension or aggression between teammates. Even though each game is with a random amount of team mates, there is no reason for your manners to die.

The general stereotypes presented about gamers to the general community, a small, snot nose kid, under 12 most likely, being the bane of your existence in a game were they hide behind the mask of a character in which they control. This notion is vastly wrong, it is not these 12 year old kids swearing and insulting you, rather it is the frustration of the 100s and 1000s of teens and adults berating you for their inability to perform well in a game where they value their skills so highly.

This delusion is no other than the Dunning-Kruger effect. This effect is summed up perfectly by wikipedia;  is a cognitive bias in which unskilled individuals suffer illusory superiority. Knowing that the general population of the 5 million individual users make up the lower part of the skill tree, it is clear that not all of the 85% of these users are saints or angels. I’m not defending the other 15% of users having the right to  be ill mannered, but rather, why not work together as a team in which the 15% helps the 85% become better. Many occasion where people have gave advice to others, have been met with unwarranted aggression in thinking the friendly advice is a low blow at the person’s ego and skill.

Improvement comes from accepting your own mistakes and filling in the area in which you lack.

Rant over. A real twisted meadow of random thoughts. If the sentence and paragraphs don’t make sense, more likly than not it doesn’t.

2 thoughts on “Mobas and the Death of Friendships and being Civil

  1. This is an interesting read on the whole concept of team-playing, especially with the Dunning-Kruger effect. I found that particularly interesting, and well written. It helped that it was supported by facts and numbers as well. Brilliantly written, great job.

    • thanks alot for the positive feedback glad you enjoyed my thoughts and rants 🙂 Hopefully youll continue following my other posts.

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