So Worth

The technology reading was quite wierd. It did raise some interesting points such as splitting the notion of technology into a dynamic and ever changing field such as the technique and what such. It is quite ironic that we use a techniques to create the technology at hand in order to simplify our lives in one way or another, but by doing so we also have to learn and adapt the population to this technique. I came upon this realisation while i was wathicng The Gods must be Crazy, a really old film which i remember watching with my dad, we create stuff to make our life easier, but these stuff need extra attention so it makes our life hard once again. It is the circle of life, the status quo, we always end up at the same predicament. If having a hard life is status quo, our life must really suck LOL. We create cars to get around faster, oh no we now need fuel, need to learn how to drive, need to maintain the car etc… A common question in the gaming community is “Is it worth”, a really funny question and phrase if you ask me, i love saying it for no apparent reason and context, but i found this fits perfectly into this technology dilemma. Was the decreasing amount of time or effort worth the extra time and complications we have created for ourselves? In the case of the car, yes i would say it was worth.

Technology has become so interwined with our life that as the reading says it has become one with our culture. We remember different eras and generations from what they wore, what they used etc… If we apply technology to a broader sense and make it technology in a specific field such as new techniques, everything in the world is related to technology. In fighting games the finding of a new method is even referred to as “new tech”. Technology is a neccessity in life, whether it is good or bad i would’t know. If i were to give an answer, it would be good, but that’s probably cause im biased and unimaginative and wouldn’t know what to do without tech.

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