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this reading was about the management of time within the digital age. He focusses on reformulating time, shifts focus form how devices colonises time to how we should value and spend time. WE develop tools to make our lives easier therefore an expectation of more leisurely time should be available. However the inverse has occured in almost all aspects. With this in mind, the increase in leisurely time due to the ability to multitask on multiple platforms create a sort of pseudo time. Instead of having more time to relax we have created a more accelerated society. It is reflected in our current change in the self service economy. Where we value tasks being completed now and faster and faster. Self check outs, self buying on amazon etc… exemplifies this theory. As we create more and more technology, we constantly renew and must relearn. This takes up the freed up time that we created and we as humans are unableto keep up with the constant evolution of technology. Leisurely time is not valued by our society, people see work as valuable time while any time off work is demonised such as unemployment and freetime. An interesting idea was the idea that time is gendered. Women specifically has less leisurely time as their time coincides with paternal labour duties leading to the term time poverty. ICT blurs the lines between work and leisure as they intersect at various times.

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