Games and its Hidden Narrative

The important notion which Adrian brought up was the idea that narratives do not have any real connection to games unless the narrative is the focal point of the game. This similar notion of competition driving the focal point of games is one which i disagree with at first. As i kept on thinking i kind of developed my own sense of narrative within this storyless or plotless games. Even though games is a broad term, the most competitive of games at the moment do not actually yield any form of narrative in the traditional sense of a storyline. However, i can see the direction of a more abstract version of a narrative. In a way the actions which occur in a replayable game with no ends such as Street Fighter, Starcraft and Dota etc… have no story. But the competitiveness kind of becomes a narrative in itself.

In games i would call it snowballing out of control or sometimes even mind games, in real life sports as an analogy it would be called strategy or a gameplan. By doing this sort of action, this consequence will occur. If a player tends to continue to block over and over or seems to tend to be aggressive and forget aspects of the fundamentals such as over committing etc… This becomes the starting point, the narrative will continue in that I will hopefully punish them for doing a mistake or adapt to their playstyle. These reactive style games have a narrative in the strategy of these games rather then a story based narrative.

These competitive games which i would like to differ from narrative based games do indeed have a narrative, but not in a plot or protagonist form. These mindgames or human reaction become a style of narrative. I just thought that this is quite interesting as these terms such as narrative, story and plot are all so broad. In a sense these reactions are also links and each action or event that elicit an aciton is a node. im starting to see the broader grand scheme of things when related to networks and it is fairly interesting.

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