The word itself sounds quite crazy, some form of Street Fighter final move, The Hypertext dun dun dun. The tutorial today explored some key points relating to story telling/narrative and hypertext. I have never read a hypertext narrative, but it seems like it could work. The main flaws presented by the class was the detachment and the sudden change of scene from the actual text, whether it be through the break in story or the break in sequeital cause and effect. Elliot raised a point that games cannot really be classified into hypertext, maybe aspects of it can, but games utilises different aspects of hypertexting. The notion of cause and effect in games is large now days where this simple action will lead to this ultimate consequence. I feel like my understanidn go hypertext relies solely on this notion since why would you hypertext or hyperlink something if the following or connected information is not the effect of what you just said.

Hypertext as i said in previous post seems to work really well in non fiction rather than narrative, i read a piece Kevin Li’s blog about the likeness of hypertext to youtube annotations. The narrative structure which hypertext bring can be seen when two videos are related in that they are a split story, an unfinished story. The annotations really do help when they mention a previous reference or skit that is related to the topic at hand. This example really allowed me to see how hypertext has positivel affected my life even though not academic at all.

edit:this was posted a long time ago, but it was in drafts>_>

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