In this reading Gardner talks about the 5 different minds. They are seen as methods or ways of thinking rather than the way in which our mind can compute. The minds are disciplinary, synthesising, creating, ethical and respectful minds.  He goes and applies each theory to examples in his life to demonstrate how we actively engage in all modes of thinking whether consciously or subconsciously. Further on in the reading Gardner asks how can we cultivate this type of thinking, saying how sceince provides alot of absolute answers but can lead to balck or white scenarios in terms of thinking and learning. The minds he mentioned are utilised daily in the work place and there should be more focus on it in the current day, but alot of the minds are merely focussed on brief occasions and work places focus less on how to think and generate ideas, but rather the skillset needed to complete the job. He finishes off by showing how if we neglect one type of mind, we also neglect the improvement of ourselves in various aspects of our life and work. I can see many parrallels between this reading and the course related work, like many rmit students we come in with a goal in mind, but many of us have become aware of the need to be multiskilled rather than focussing on one area of expertise.

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